2021 season update

UpdatedThursday May 27, 2021 byBill Ostheimer.

ATTN: Coaches & Players

Below is the field schedule for practices during the summer. I have all of your current games scheduled as well, but are not on this document. If you want to schedule additional games or would like to schedule additional practice, contact me before you schedule it with your team. We are balancing 16 teams with 3 fields. 

Please be respectful to all teams and do not go over your scheduled time. If you schedule a game or practice without contacting me or go over your current time without asking permission you will be asked to leave and it may lead to your team losing access to field space.
Thank you all for your cooperation!
AJ Mock 

Practice Dates and times


Shavlik Mondays - 6-7:30pm NE Field & Fridays - 5:30-7:00pm NW Field

Majors Zach Jerry Mondays - 6-7:30pm NW Field & Fridays - 5:30-7:00pm NE Field

Minors Gossard Mondays - 4-5:30pm NE Field

Minors Teten Mondays - 4-5:30pm NW Field

Rookie Litzinger Tuesdays - 4-5pm NE Field Thursdays - 4-5pm NE Field

Rookie Geis Tuesdays - 6-7pm NE Field & Thursdays - 6-7pm NE Field

Rookie Shavlik Tuesdays - 6-7pm NW Field & Thursdays - 6-7pm NW Field

TBall Camino Tuesdays - 5-6pm NE Field & Thursdays - 5-6pm NW Field

Tball team 2 Tuesdays - 5-6pm NE Field & Thursdays - 5-6pm NW Field

Softball 14/12u Mondays - 5-6:30pm SE Field

Softball 10u Tuesdays - 5-6:30pm SE Field

Softball 8u Fridays 3:30-5:00pm SE Field

WYO Pride Tuesdays - 3:30-5:00 SE Field & Thursdays - 3:30-5:00pm SE Field 

Mystix Black Thursdays - 7-8:30pm SE Field

Mystix Gold Thursdays - mornings



Mystix 14u Thursdays - 7-8:30pm NW Field


Major and Minor season: We will start in April with workouts/clinics by league with all coaches and players.   Teams will be drafted at the end of April, with team practices starting in May.  If we have three or fewer teams in Major or Minor, then we will look to play in the Sheridan Webb Wright League. 

Rookie and Teeball: We will start practicing May 24 and finish the season by July 2.  We will build on last years success with shorter practice times, stations based strategy, and have game play added about 1/2 way through.

Opening Day May 21-22 more information to come.